Monday, February 15, 2010

Say Good By To The Hot Pink Princess Room

Well my creative side coupled with my desire to avoid doing taxes set me out on a journey to CREATE! My daughters room started out as a cute little girls room, "lellow" her favorite color, and pretty flowers. When it was ok for "her boys" to be in her room..... putting make-up on her and making her the princess she was.
This worked for the first several years, well that is until she hit middle school. In middle school she had to have a  Room fit for a Princess. So what says Princess more than pink? Not just pink but Hot Pink and Black!

Now her room became a Tween hang out for her and her best friends to play dress-up, talk about boys and of course still be the Princess of the house. Again this lasted for a few years but as the school changed so did her room.
This time she was going to help me make the transition.

Now she has a teenage room that is black and white Zebra! One thing seems to never have changed thou.......

She still is the Princess and has wonderful people in her life that treat her that way! 
(Beside her Mommy and Daddy of course!)